From Kaur & Baljinder Singh – Oakville, ON

– Hank sold our house record high on the same street just in two days. We were impressed by his skills of negotiation, his strategy of marketing our house and finally the best result he brought to us. He was always reachable and provided his guidance during the whole process of the deal. The experience working with him was so nice and pleasant. We will definitely recommend him to our relatives and friends.

From Haiying Huang & Charles Zhao – Oakville, ON

Hank is a professional real estate broker and matchmaker who connects you with the next chapter of your life. He takes the time to listen and understand what you are really looking for and provide you a realistic market analysis, he never pushes you. To say that Hank goes above and beyond is an understatement. Beyond his incredible skills as a real estate agent, he is truly a caring, empathetic and amazing person. We are really grateful that we met him as we navigated buying and selling a house during a pandemic! Without his great personalities and top negotiation skills, we would not be able to enjoy our current beautiful dream home. I would recommend Hank to anyone who is in the real estate market for buying or selling. Please give him a call and you will be glad you did so!

From John Verth – Oakville, Ontario

– Hank has been instrumental in helping me with my place. Even after almost a year has past, he continues to advise and refer professionals services that I need. Being in a new place this is a huge time saver and brings peace of mind. I am sure other Realtors would not go the extra mile like Hank. Full service is an understatement for what he delivers!!!

From Frank Fan – Oakville, ON

– The service and experience Hank delivered was exceptional and beyond my expectation. I moved from Montreal to Oakville, my budget was limited and the bidding war was everywhere. Fortunately I found Hank to help me out. Hank proved to be a very valuable source of information, not only was he very knowledgeable about the market trends and location that I was looking to buy in, he was professional and had a sharp insight of the market. He acted very fast once we spotted the right house that fits into my need and budget. And finally we got the house at the right price before the bidding war started. I would highly recommend Hank to more friends and families. Thanks again Hank, loving the new home.

From Michelle Chen – Oakville, ON

– Hank has been very professional in guiding us through tough time to sell a property with two year fixed term lease in current slack market. With his help, we were able to close the deal at very fair price with quick turnaround. His service, knowledge, communication, as well as insights about market trend is amazing and beyond our expectation. His commitment and persistence is the key to success.

From Jianli Wu – Burlington, ON

– Hank sold our waterfront property at community record high in the cooling down market. The market cooled down a few weeks after we listed our house. We were so worried about the negative impact on the selling price. Fortunately, we got Hank to help us with the sale. We are amazed by his insight about the market trend, his unique market strategy, and best of all, his communication and negotiation skills. He was always reachable to discuss matters regarding mortgage rate change and any government announcement that may impact the housing market. Finally, his negotiation skills did the trick and sold our house at a price much higher than our expectations and reached the community record high. We are so happy to have him work for us and we will definitely recommend him to our relatives and friends.

From Christine & Edwin Blanco – Hamilton, ON

– Hank is an extremely hard working realtor and a wonderful person who goes to great lengths to help you get that property that you want! He went above and beyond for us during the process and we couldn’t be happier with our purchase! You will not be disappointed working with Hank and his team 🙂 Thanks again!

From Janey Tao – Mississauga, ON

– The first time I heard about Hank wasn’t because of his profession – our mutual friends introduced his great personality and recommended his diverse skillset. He wasn’t our first real estate agent, but when we saw the many successful deals he made for our friends, we couldn’t resist asking him for help. Over the past few years, he has successfully won a few house purchases and lease contracts for us. In the beginning of 2016, his unique vision, rich negotiation experience, and proactive spirit allowed us to buy the investment house at good timing. Some of my friends were initially skeptical about the purchase; the house was old and wasn’t in a location popular with Asians, but time has proven our decision right. Real estate has grown rampantly in the past few years, causing house prices to grow limitlessly. Since we became reluctant in spending so much money on an offer, we didn’t get the house a few times. After a year of fruitless hard work, we were all discouraged, but Hank continued to comfort and encourage us, and sum up the reasons and steps for the future. In our eyes, he is not only professional and intelligent, but also honest and accountable. We are honored to be one of Hank’s customers and friends. He is our first choice, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

From Neera & Mohinder Khanna – Mississauga, ON

– Hank Zeng provided excellent service in leasing the residence at record time and with top dollars. He was always available for any help or to answer my calls even at odd times. I will always do business with his team. I will also refer him to my family and friends.